28 Mar

The Hill’s RegWatch on Bitcoins; quotes Mr. Posey

Julian Hattem’s recent RegWatch article, “Bitcoin backers unfazed by more setbacks“, discusses the recent challenges faced by Bitcoin.  Attorney Ryan Posey was quoted:

“When Mt. Gox has failed and the network still stays strong and other businesses are still trying to come into the space, it doesn’t feel like it’s failing to me,” Posey said. “It seems like it’s just going through growing pains.”

Read the full article here:


28 Mar

Ryan Posey speaks on Bitcoin for Lawyers

On March 25, 2014, Ryan C. Posey presented to technology and intellectual property lawyers at Alberta Justice on the background of Bitcoin and emerging issues for lawyers in the field of cryptocurrency.  The presentation, entitled “The Advent of Cryptocurrency – Bitcoin for Lawyers” deals with the emerging issues lawyers need to know:

The first and, by far, most widely used “cryptocurrency” is Bitcoin. While the rise of Bitcoin has been documented by every major news organization, to many (lawyers and laypersons alike) the topic remains a mystery.  This presentation will discuss the background of Bitcoin, the future of cryptocurrencies, and legal implications for use and exchange of Bitcoin — for lawyers, businesses, and individuals.

Slides from the presentation are embedded in this post, and available at this link: